Project Gallery

4th St. Bridge Arch

Detailed design for a stone arch culvert restoration in the City of Mansfield. The stone structure full height headwalls were removed and reset using mesh soil reinforcement for stability.


Metcalf Street over Norfolk Southern Railroad yard in Lima. Inspection of 308 feet long, single span, steel Baltimore type through truss . Bridge also has a two span and three span continuous slab approaches. Developed rehabilitation plans, including painting and concrete substructure repair.


Detailed design for the removal and replacement of the existing roadway pavement, subgrade, and side slope embankment at two slope failure locations in Ashland County. Improvement of 0.08 miles of CR 1027 and 0.06 miles on CR 3006 to remove the existing roadway and failing subgrade due to repair a slope failure with associated drainage items. The roadways were closed during construction.


Seven miles of a 4 lane pavement replacement in Ashtabula County. Two interchanges are included. One mainline bridge was replaced. One mainline and three overhead bridges were rehabilitated. One overhead bridge was replaced. Maintenance of traffic plans were prepared to minimize impact to the large volume of traffic on the interstate and maintain 4 lanes of traffic at all times using contra-flow methods. Final design included field survey, roadway, pavement, drainage, erosion control, traffic control, structures, and right of way plans.

Bluffton Airport

Complete reconstruction Terminal Apron including drainage improvement, design and construction administration.

Cook Road Bike Path

Construction of a 10 foot wide concrete multi use path in the City of Mansfield. The multi use path begins at Trimble Road and extend along Cook Road and through open terrain to Woodland Road. Grading, drainage and traffic control was required. Project length = 0.60 mile


The project is the construction of maintenance repairs on Bridge No. CUY-10-1613, known as the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge or the Hope Memorial Bridge, in Cleveland. Repairs include concrete deck, steel members, partial painting, river protection, electrical transmission relocation, and re-erection of existing lighting. Project length = 0.62 mile


The project consists of constructing a new bridge and replacement of the decks on the existing bridges carrying EB & WB IR-480 over the towpath trail, CSX railroad, Cuyahoga River, and Ohio and Erie Canal reservation. Also included in the project are substructure repairs, back wall repairs, expansion joint replacements, bridge drainage rehabilitation, approach slab replacements, full depth approach pavement, drainage improvements, lighting and traffic control. Project length = 0.83 miles.


The project consists of replacement of bridge CUY-77-1433 L & R on I.R. 77 over the I.R. 490 interchange. The work includes the realignment of ramps S-W, and S-E and the construction of all related drainage, roadway work, traffic control, and maintenance of traffic. The project length on I.R. 77 is approximately 0.39 miles.


Complete deck replacement on 3,022 feet long, variable width structure with ramps over the Cuyahoga River Valley immediately north of IR 480 / IR 77 Interchange. The work included bridge deck evaluation. Maintenance of traffic was developed for part width construction with restricted lanes. The bridge rehabilitation project included a Preliminary Engineering Study, a Red Flag Summary, and a detailed design.


New eastbound bridge over Cuyahoga River Valley, Innerbelt CCG2 – Roadway design for new eastbound bridge replacement plans prepared to Stage 2 level of plan development. Assisted with preparation of design-build scope, and provided bridge and roadway design-build quality oversight with ODOT District personnel.

Fitchville River Road

The project consists of utilizing the existing Fitchville River Road horizontal alignment for planing and resurfacing; and realignment of Prospect Road on an improved horizontal and vertical alignment; pavement reconstruction; shoulder improvements; grading; drainage and traffic control. Project length = 2.9 miles.

Foundation Park

Construction of a new pedestrian bridge over Foundation Park Lake in Mount Vernon, Ohio, incorporating a historic steel bowstring truss structure.

Galion Airport

Detailed design and construction administration for the Rehabilitation of the Runway, Terminal Apron, Taxilanes and miscellaneous drainage. Project was split into three priorties.

Geauga County Bikeway – The Maple Highlands Trail – Central

The 10 foot wide asphalt paved bikeway route begins on the abandoned B&O Railroad Corridor at the intersection of S.R. 608 and Headwaters Park and continues northward approximately 8.2 miles crossing U.S.R. 322 (Mayfield Road), Stillwell Road, S.R. 608 (Old State Road), Claridon Road, Taylor Wells Road, Claridon Road/Aquilla Road and Terminating at S.R. 44 (South Street/Ravenna Road) in the City of Chardon. New bridges were constructed at Taylor Wells Road and Claridon Road/Aquilla Road. The bridges have wooden house structures which provide unique enhancement characteristic of a “Covered Bridge” design. Special project challenges – segments of the project involved parcels of land that contained reversionary clauses for the railroad corridor. The park District surveyed and acquired the necessary property to provide a continuous corridor for the bikeway. Many of the existing 47 culvert conduits were ailing stone boxes or the conduit was not of sufficient length to construct the proposed bikeway. The project was programmed in the 1980’s and Richland Engineering Limited took over the project in 2003, the construction commenced in 2005 and was completed in 2006.

Green Road Bridge

This bridge project replaced a straight truss bridge with a single span concrete I beam superstructure with a curved concrete deck. The approach roadway was realigned to a new offset alignment to improve this crossing of the Vermilion River.


Construction administration and daily observation for full depth reconstruction of approximately 0.5 miles of street including construction of a closed drainage system, new waterline, a manufactured water quality structure to meet PCSWM requirements, pavement widening, full depth asphalt pavement, curb ramps, concrete speed table, traffic control including RRFB installation, and traffic signal replacement. Coordinate utility relocation prior and during construction. Monthly project meetings are held with the Contractor, City, ODOT and utility companies to discuss project status. All ODOT LPA paperwork was prepared and on-site interviews were conducted during construction.

Indian Mill

Bridge over Sandusky River in Wyandot County. Preparation of engineering studies and rehabilitation design plans to improve an historic steel double intersection Pratt through truss bridge (built in 1913). Overall length of 178 feet. Work included data collection; bridge inspection; load rating analysis; development of scope of work for improvement alternatives and construction cost estimates. Alternatives included restoration, rehabilitation, and strengthening. Additional services included assisting the County with funding applications. The constructed project won multiple awards.

JEF-43-4.48 7.41

Traffic analysis and preparation of construction contract plans for the Village of Wintersville/Ohio Department of Transportation to upgrade the State Route 43 traffic signals as part of a Congestion Management Air Quality project at the following locations in the Village of Wintersville: State Route 43 (Main Street) at Riesbecks Driveway; State Route 43 (Main Street) at Leonard Avenue/Stardust Drive; State Route 43 (Main Street) at Fernwood Road; State Route 43 (Main Street) at Canton Road; State Route 43 (Canton Road) at US Route 22 EB Ramps; State Route 43 (Canton Road) at US Route 22 WB Ramps; and State Route 43 (Canton Road) at County Road 34. The existing signal installation at the State Route 43 (Main Street) at Grove Street intersection will be removed with the project. Work associated with this project included new traffic signal poles, new pedestrian signal pedestals, video camera detection, new traffic signal controllers including equipment; fiber optic traffic signal interconnect; GPS emergency vehicle preemption; sidewalk including curb ramps; pavement marking; signing; and removal of the existing traffic signal equipment which may impact existing utility locations. A central monitoring system was connected to the signal system at the Village administration building. A coordination plan was developed for a morning and afternoon program utilizing corridor on-street master controllers.

Kelleys Island

Performed field work to identify topography with the project to design plans for resurfacing of West Lakeshore Drive from Division Street westerly to Cameron Road, work items included milling, pavement repair, asphalt concrete, pavement markings and handicap ramps at the northwest and northeast corner of Division Street and West Lakeshore Drive. We coordinated bidding phase and did construction observation and contract administration for the project.

KNO-TR169 (Billman Road)

The project is the replacement of the existing bridge in Knox County utilizing the “just build” process. The proposed bridge replacements include minimal improvement to the roadway approach pavement. The work is in accordance with the Ohio Department of Transportation funded LPA Local-Let project requirements. All materials supplied for the project will be from ODOT certified suppliers/producers. The portland cement concrete and asphalt concrete supplied for the project will be Ohio Department of Transportation approved Job Mix Formulas. It is anticipated that the Ohio Department of Transportation will perform periodic asphalt concrete plant testing and monitor asphalt concrete production for this project unless otherwise agreed upon prior to construction.

Lincoln Terrace Waterline

Preparation of construction contract plans, construction administration/observation and record drawings for the replacement of defective water lines and services in the Lincoln Heights Allotment for the Madison Water District. Project involved the directional drilling of 3,521 LF of 3” Dia. HDPE, 852 LF of 4” Dia. HDPE, 102 LF of 2” Dia. HDPE. Replacement of water service to ROW line, 672 LF of 1” water service and 46 curb stops and boxes.

Lorain County Airport

Airport Capital Improvement Program Formulation, Pavement Crack Sealing and Pavement Marking, Taxilane A, B, & C Reconstruction, Apron Reconstruction, Taxiway Rehabilitation Airport Capital Improvement Program Formulation, Construction Observation and Contract Administration.

Mansfield High School Cross Walk

Construction of miscellaneous pedestrian improvements in the city of Mansfield, including concrete sidewalks, curb ramps, pavement marking, signal improvements and school zone signs.


Replacement of a deficient bridge over Buck Run on existing horizontal and vertical alignment including minor approach work. Project length 0.05 mile.

Hawkins Market Roof Failure

On February 24, 2014, we inspected the east side roof failure at the former Hawkins Grocery store in Wooster, Ohio. The roof failure was reported on Friday February 21, 2014 during a warming and melting period after several months of very cold and snowy weather.

Monroeville Bikeway

Construction of a multi-use trail surface on a three span steel plate girder former railroad bridge over West Branch Huron River. Project length is approximately 0.05 mile.

Newark Road at Blackjack Road Intersection

A Traffic Engineering Study was developed to evaluate three intersections along Newark Road (SR 13) in the City of Mount Vernon to determine operation enhancements to improve safety and improve the flow of traffic. Data collection, analysis and evaluation to determine recommended improvements which included intersection modifications, signal installation and other safety related upgrades. To improve the flow of traffic especially large trucks and enhance safety at the intersection, construction contract plans have been competed for improvement including the installation of a semi-actuated traffic signal. A right turn lane and wider radii were constructed on the north and south Newark Road approach.

North Lake Park

This project involves the construction of a weathered steel pedestrian bridge over Toby Run.


Construction administration and daily observation for rehabilitation of approximately 2.2 miles of street including construction of a closed drainage system, pavement widening, resurfacing, curb ramps, traffic control, and traffic signal replacement. Monthly project meetings are held with the Contractor, City, ODOT and utility companies to discuss project status.

RIC-CR281-0.58 (Trimble Road)

The project consists of utilizing the existing horizontal alignment for pavement widening including curb and gutter: planing and resurfacing; pavement reconstruction; vertical alignment improvements; multi-use path; replacement of storm sewers and culverts; installation of underdrains; traffic control; and intersection improvements including turn lanes and traffic signal system replacement for Trimble Road at Cook Road intersection and Trimble Road at Marion Avenue. Project length = 1.06 miles.

Rockhill Ave Bridge

Replacement of a deficient bridge over Berlin Reservoir/Mahoning River near Alliance on existing horizontal and modified vertical alignment including minor approach work. Project length 0.05 mile.

S.R. 309

The project is identified as intersection enhancements for the intersection of Beer Road at State Route 309. The proposed engineering services will include preparation of a Planning Study Report. The purpose of the project is to provide an appropriate access between Beer Road and State Route 309 on the south side of the City of Ontario to improve access and improve safety for the traveling public.

SAN-101 (South Main St.) at Limerick Road

Detailed design of intersection improvements on South Main Street including roadway widening for turn lanes and radius return enhancements, utility relocation, and traffic signal installation in the City of Clyde.

Skiles Field Structural

Annual inspection of Wilkins Stadium at Skiles Field in Shelby. The inspection is intended to assure the 60 year old stadium is safe for another year of use for community events and football games.


Reconstruction of approximately 4.5 miles of Interstate Route 271 in Summit County. The project begins approximately 0.5 miles west of State Route 176 and extending to the Ohio Turnpike. The project also included reconstruction of the interchange ramps at County Road 17 (Brecksville Road), Interstate Route 77, and State Route 303. Side road bridge rehabilitation and approach work was performed at State Route 176 over Interstate Route 271, County Road 17 (Brecksville Road) over Interstate Route 271, and State Route 303 over Interstate Route 271. Work associated with this project included bridge replacement/rehabilitation; complete full depth pavement replacement including excavation and embankment construction; drainage improvements including culverts, storm sewers, and underdrains; guardrail; traffic control signing, and high mast interchange lighting.

RIC-CR310-02.07 (Middle Bellville Road)

Construction administration and daily observation for reconstruction of approximately 1.2 miles of street in the City of Mansfield, including construction of a modern roundabout, new closed drainage system, retaining wall, curb ramps, and traffic signal replacement. The project was phased to expedite construction to be completed in one construction season